The Oxford Blues Annual Awards 2018




Party Time at Xmas

Our Christmas party for 2018 was held in the British Legion at Littlemore and was a resounding success we had a higher than normal attendance and the night was enjoyed by all. During the course of the proceedings presentations are made for the finder of the year, the find of the year, the Urwyn Welch Silver plater award and presentations to associate members or club members that had carried out the thankless tasks that are taken for granted over the year.




Finder of the Year


Dai Devenold and Bert dayOnce again Dai Devonald our Club Chairman has won the finder of the year award for a fifth year in a row, he can be seen on the left collecting his prize from Bert Day.







Finder of the Year Runner Up


Tony Murrey and Dai DevenoldThe runner up for this year is Tony Murray, its more like a bit of Deja Vu as he was runner up last year, so well done Tony.







Finder of the Year Third Place


David Oliver and Dai DevinoldIn a well deserved third place was David Oliver shown here being presented his award by the Club Chairman.











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