Finder Of the Month July 2016


The Oxford Blues Metal Detecting Club hold a small competition on a monthly basis for the best artifact and best coin find of the month found by a club member. The competition is held once a month during the monthly club meeting, members are invited to place their objects on a numbered matrix and club members can then vote for the top three items in coins and and the top three artifacts. The results are counted and announced on the night of the meeting. 



PositionThe FinderThe Find
First Paul Warman                       Quarter Stater
Second Mike Hartshorn Edward the Confessor Silver penny 1062-1065
Third Gerry Townsend              Edward 1st Long Cross Halfpenny 1432



PositionThe FinderThe Find
First                Dai Devonald                                   5-6th Century Saxon Small Long Brooch
Second  Jim Marshall                     La Tene type 3 (Brooch) 100BC-100AD                                  
Third Neil Wilson Georgian Intaglio Seal


 Picture Gallery of the July 2016 Finds of the Month Competition










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