OBMDC Find of the Year Results for 2016 


These are the results of the find of the year award for 2016, the results are based on the scores awarded to items displayed on the night of our annual Christmas Party


The find of the year for 2016 winner was won by Nick Lyford.


This year the winner is Nick Lyford who is pictured on the right recieving his award from the club chairman. Nick won with an fantastic terret ring which is in a stunning condition and is pictured below. 








Terret Ring

 This is the terret ring found by nick on one of our Sunday Digs during the 2016 season.










The find of the year for 2016 Runner Up.


Prize4Having won the finder of the year Dai nearly managed to make a clean sweep of it with a second place in the find of the year results. Dai can be seen on the left collecting his award from the club chairman. Dai won with a stunning Stater Pictured below.

The stater is a Middle Whaddon Chase stater type E of the Trinovantes. 45-40 B.C. (V.A. 1493.01.) 








find winner2016
















Congratulations to Dai and Nick we hope you find many more interesting items in 2017.


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