OBMDC Finder of the Year Results for 2016 


These are the results of the finder of the year award for 2016, the results are based on the monthly finds of the month competition.


The finder of the year for 2016 is Dai Devonald.


Once again Dai Devonald managed to win the finder of the year, last year appears to have been a close run thing with the runner up Mark Rowe.  The picture to the left is Dai recieving his award from our club Chairman John Richards.

Congratulations to Dai and a big thank you from all club members for the help and support in indentifying items retrieved.

     Second place goes to Mark Rowe.

Mark Rowe
Congratulations to Mark it was a close run thing, Mark is in the picture to the left recieving his award from the club chairman.

Mark has also been very helpful in assisting club members with the settings on the CTX detectors and we would like to thank him for his help and patience.



Third place in the finder of the year award went to     Mike Hartshorn.

Third Place Mike Hartshorn

Congratulations to Mike a well deserved third place, Mike can be seen on the right recieving his award from the Club Chairman.  Mike was fortunate enough to find a superb silver engraved Saxon strap end earlier in the year amongst his other finds.




 If you wish to see the items these winners have found over the year please take a look at the OBMDC Archives where you can look at each months finds.




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