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 Minelab Equinox


Having used the Equinox 800 for over six months I now have enough experience to comment on some of its aspects.


  1. Ergonomics fairly well balanced and light weight, shaft wobble has not been noticed on mine.
  1. Bluetooth Headphones, no perceptible delay.
  1. Wireless module and other headphones, work well but to me don`t sound as good.

USE: Generally using Field 2, the recovery speed is kept at 4, I Noise cancel and ground balance for each field, threshold 2, iron bias set to 4, sensitivity at 21-22. My machine has been upgraded to the latest firmware to cover the issue with silver coins on edge. The machine is quite nice to use I do like the tones and it does detect at reasonable depth. I do believe there are still issues with the Tid`s (Target ID) on the Nox for the UK. During use I have noticed that some items come in on Tid around 4-6 with good repeatable tones, when speaking to other users they have stated they don`t dig tones with a TID of 4, this is unfortunate as some good items come up with these target id`s. For example a hammered Edward I farthing will indicate as a 4-5 on the TDI with a good repeatable tone and small bits of brass (corroded) come up as 7-8. Now maybe this is something that minelab will address in the future as you cannot now be selective on what you dig especially in some of the noisy fields or fields with not so green waste.


Note, I have also started using the 6inch coil and it is quite good especially in stubble.

makrokruzerMakro Multi Kruzer


I have used the Makro Kruzer a little bit longer than the Equinox by a couplre of months.

  1. Ergonomics fairly well balanced and light weight, shaft wobble can occur as the locking rings seem to loosen during use.
  1. Used with Makro wireless headphone which I find to be very pleasant although the Equinox has better tones.

USE: The Kruzer has been used most in 3 Tone Mode, always ground balanced, Isat= 0 Sensitivty between 89-94 (89 and lower gets best recovry speed)normally run at 14khz but on very quiet fields I sometimes use 18khz. The Kruzer is very easy to use but can be a bit noisy on some grounds, this can be adjusted down using sensitivty or isat. This machine is also running the lates updated firmware. In practice I only normall only dig good repeatable tones, at the moment this is my preferred machine as I am less likely to miss the small hammered coins as they come in as a 12-14 on the Tid.


Note, The Mars tiger coil has been used on this machine quite extensivly and is a good compromise when compared to the standard coil and the 15inch Makro coil, good depth and better coverage than the standard coil, and not as heavy as the larger 15inch coil


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